Job Title: Pretrial Intervention Officer

Division: Pretrial Division

Promotion Potential: Yes

Salary: $18.88 - $19.35 per hour

Location: St. Croix District

Status: Open

Posted on: 11/07/2023

Deadline: 11/16/2023

Description: This is counseling and administrative work in an adult pretrial intervention (diversion) program.  The clients are first offender misdemeanants.  Work involves the performance of a variety of duties including pre-release screening, investigations, case management and providing information and referral recommendations regarding defendants to judges and attorneys.  Incumbents supervise and monitor defendants released from custody to ensure compliance with release conditions, court dates, and other related court orders.  Supervision may be exercised over one clerical position.  Work is supervised by a higher level administrative superior.
Pretrial Intervention Officer (STX-11-2023).pdf
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