Honorable Chief Justice Rhys S. Hodge receives the National Center for State Court's Distinguished Service Award
Posted on 02/12/2019

Honorable Chief Justice Rhys S. Hodge receives the National Center for State Court’s Distinguished Service Award

Justice Rhys S. Hodge, Chief Justice of the Virgin Islands Supreme Court is the recipient
of the 2018 National Center for State Courts' (NCSC) Distinguished Service Award. This
award is presented annually to those who have made significant contributions to the
justice system and who have supported the mission of NCSC. The award was presented
by the Honorable Paul Reiber, Chief Justice of Vermont and President of the Conference
of Chief Justices, on February 12, 2019 at the Conference’s midyear meeting which was
held in Clearwater, Florida.
Chief Justice Hodge and his colleagues on the Supreme Court, have been instrumental
in facilitating the transformation of the Virgin Islands Judiciary into a 21st century court
system. Not only has Chief Justice Hodge been the steward of the Supreme Court since
its establishment in 2006, but he has also successfully led the effort to unify the
administration of the Virgin Islands judiciary and continues to oversee the consolidation
of services and internal reorganization of the administrative office of courts. Most recent,
Chief Justice Hodge was also praised for his leadership of the Virgin Islands Judiciary
during and after the devastation caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria. The physical
destruction, loss of electricity and communications created unimaginable demands on the
judiciary. Throughout these events, Justice Hodge was a calm steady presence who lead
the efforts to restore normalcy. “Although our challenges have been indeed many and
great, it is through the continuous hard work and commitment of dedicated
employees that the Virgin Islands Judiciary has managed to stay the course. I am
proud to have achieved all that we have thus far, and all that we will continue to
achieve with the professional assistance where necessary, of National Center for
State Courts.”
NCSC is the leading nonprofit institution in the United States that offers national
and international leadership in the area of justice administration and the rule of
law. It was founded in 1971 at the request of the then Chief Justice of the Supreme
Court of the United States, Warren Burger. The NCSC provides education and
training, among other support and exchange services, to judicial systems in the
United States, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam
and the Virgin Islands.
Also recognized for her valiant leadership of the Judiciary of Puerto Rico following
hurricane Maria was Chief Justice Maite Oronoz Rodriguez.