No.Request TypeNameDescriptionDistrictPosted onDeadlineStatusSummary
001/2023RFQuLegal Representation of Indigent DefendantsThe Office of Conflict Counsel and the Judiciary of the U.S. Virgin Islands Office through the Judicial Branch Administrative Office seeks the services of legal representation for indigent defendants not provided by the Office of the Public Defender.Territory 2023/01/242023/04/03 Close View Details
002/2023IFBHP TonersThe Judicial Branch Administrative Office requests bids for the purchase of original HP toner cartridges to be delivered to the various locations of the Judiciary on the islands of St. Croix and St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.Territory 2023/03/032023/03/24 Close View Details
RFP NO. 001/2022RFPAir Handler ReplacementThe Judiciary of the U.S. Virgin Islands Office of the Administrator of Courts seeks the services of qualified licensed HVAC contractors to provide all labor, materials, equipment and services necessary for the installation of new chill water connection piping, water pumps, air handlers, and replacement of existing air ducts with P3 ducts at the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands located at R.H. Amphlett Leader Justice Center RR1 9000 Kingshill St. Croix which is more particularly described in the Scope of Work therein.ST. CROIX2023/04/212023/05/08 Close View Details
RFQ No. 003/2023RFQStorage Room and Law Library Restoration ProjectInstall moisture, mold and mildew resistance drywall, ceiling grids and tiles, light fixtures, outlets and light switches in the storage room and law library located at the Superior Court located at the Alexander A. Farrelly Complex.ST. THOMAS/ST. JOHN2023/04/212023/05/12 Close View Details
IFB No. 005/2023IFBInstallation of Stainless Steel Bird SpikesFurnish and install stainless steel bird spikes at the two buildings of the Superior Court facility located at the Alexander A. Farrelly Complex, St. Thomas Virgin IslandsST. THOMAS/ST. JOHN2023/05/032023/06/02 Open View Details
RFQ 004/2023RFQEmergency Debris Removal St. Thomas/St. JohnThe Judicial Branch Administrative Office is soliciting quotations and subsequent contracting activity to secure the services of experienced and licensed contractor(s) who are capable of efficiently removing varying volumes of disaster-generated debris and storm damaged furniture and equipment from the Judiciary facilities listed in this RFQ in a timely and cost-effective manner and lawfully disposing of all debris in the District of St. Thomas/St. John during the 2023 and 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season. The Judiciary intends to establish a contract for Emergency Debris Removal commencing June 1st and terminating on November 30th of each calendar year.St. Thomas/St. John2023/05/092023/05/30 Open View Details