Office of Conflict Counsel Accepting Appointments
Posted on 06/04/2024

The Standing Committee on Indigent Appointments is pleased to announce that effective June 3, 2024, The Office of Conflict Counsel (OCC) will be accepting court-appointed matters.

The Office of Conflict Counsel (“OCC”) was established in 2022 by order of the Supreme Court of Virgin Islands, specifically SCT-Prom-2022-0002, to assist in providing quality representation to indigent defendants. The OCC is governed by the Standing Committee on Indigent Appointments and is headed by Chief Conflict Counsel, H. Hannibal O’Bryan. Esq.

The OCC is charged with providing representation for indigent parties who qualify for court-appointed counsel under the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution, the Revised Organic Act of 1954, or other laws applicable to the Virgin Islands, in every instance where a conflict of interest precludes the Office of the Territorial Public Defender from providing such representation. Establishing OCC is a crucial step in providing effective representation for indigent defendants.