“I promise to obey the Rules of the Rising Stars, to stay in school and fully educate myself, and to conduct myself in a decent and moral manner at all times.” 

Program Message 
The high rate of school dropout and the rapid increase in violence in the world, especially in the U.S. Virgin Islands, must stop. Episodes of violence are not regulated to any one area of the world in which we live, but they affect all members of our community in one way or another.

One can only wonder why, with all the opportunities available to our youth, they would choose to drop out of school and resort to violence as an avenue for self-expression. Too many have chosen to forego the highest level of accomplishment, that of education, in order to seek “acceptance” in the arms of violence.

Dropping out of school is NOT the answer. Violence is NOT the answer. The Rising Stars are here to encourage everyone to: “EDUCATE YOURSELF AND STOP THE VIOLENCE.” 

Program Eligibility
Members must be students who, with the consent of their parents or guardians, agree to comply with the Rising Stars’ Oath. They follow a stringent code of behavior as follows:
Must complete homework before practice.
Must not use obscene language.
Must not use drugs, alcoholic beverages or tobacco.
Must obey household rules of parents or guardians.
Must obey instructions of band leaders and staff.
May not leave the premises (Panyard or activity site) without permission.
Must not participate in fights or other disruptive activity.
Must possess three (3) sticks at ALL times.
Must keep the Panyard clean (inside and outside) at all times. Eat only in designated areas within the Panyard.
Must assist each other when appropriate and necessary – sharing the instruments and the music with each other.
Must wear the correct uniform at the specified times.
Must put into practice the words of the Rising Stars Motto and Rising Stars Oath.
Must submit copies of their report cards to the staff for review at the end of every marking period.
Must maintain a minimum GPA of 75%.
Any member receiving substandard grades must participate in the Tutorial and Enrichment Program (tutorial sessions).
Must accept suspension from performing or traveling with the band when grades are failing (below 75% GPA).
11th and 12th  graders must co-operate with parents and staff in preparation for university admission, SAT testing, application for university admission, completion of financial aid forms, and summer employment.

Anyone who violates these rules is subject to probation, suspension or expulsion from the group, although every effort is made to avoid these measures - including providing tutorial services to students who need help. The result has been a graduation rate of over 90% of the participants in this program, with a large number going on to continue their education with assistance from the organization’s scholarship program. 

Program Qualifications

Be enrolled in school; private, public or parochial
Must be between the ages of 10 and 18
Must obtain the consent of parents or guardians
Must intend to complete their education (graduate from High School)
Must successfully complete the Rising Stars Summer Recruitment Program
Must agree to comply with the Rising Stars Rules and Regulations, the Rising Stars Motto and the Rising Stars Oath

Official Colors and Uniforms

Rising Stars members are required to wear various uniforms as dictated by the activity in which they are participating. The official colors of the Rising Stars are: Red, Yellow, White and Black. Uniforms provided by the Orchestra are as follows:
Summer Season: Red and Yellow Rising Stars T-shirt

Christmas Season: Red Blazers and Ankle Length Skirts

Carnival Season: Red and Yellow Rising Stars T-shirts; Fringe shirts or other uniform tops as required. 

In addition, parents are also responsible for the pants and shoes or sneakers that are worn by the Orchestra’s members. The colors of the footwear are: Black sneakers, White sneakers, black dress shoes (male) or black 2” pumps (female).