Probation and Parole:

Probation can either be ordered as a sentencing alternative to prison or jail, or in addition to a term of imprisonment. In either case, a defendant sentenced to probation is placed under the supervision of the Office of Probation and Parole. 

In addition to supervision, the Office of Probation and Parole is also charged with the responsibility of conducting pre-sentence investigations and preparing pre-sentence reports, which assist Judicial Officers in making sentencing determinations for individuals convicted of offenses, deferred, or who are on pretrial release status. 

Once sentenced, the Office of Probation monitors compliance and enforces restrictions imposed by the Court on those defendants who have been convicted, deferred, or are on pretrial release status, as well as documents or otherwise reports violations of release conditions to the Court. 

Further, in accordance with the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision (ICAOS), the Office of Probation assists in the supervision of individuals on parole in other jurisdictions, who have relocated or otherwise been allowed to travel to the Virgin Islands. 

Case Catalyst
The Superior Court of the Virgin Islands is updating our Probation, Pre-Trial and Parole division, including clients in the Pretrial Intervention Program (PIP) division with the “Catalyst” supervision system. This will allow approved clients to complete some of their Supervision Check-In’s remotely using the Catalyst mobile app.

Catalyst is a mobile app that can serve as a client’s personal assistant to support them during their supervision. It provides appointment notifications, reminders and directions, and helps clients communicate with their case manager and meet supervision requirements remotely using their smartphone.

This will help clients limit the need to travel to our offices, help maintain social distancing and provide clients additional resources to manage appointments and requirements related to their supervision (conditions).
Clients will need to be enrolled in the program by their Probation Officer. To participate, please make sure your Probation Officer has your current contact information including your mobile phone number.