When the court reporter that recorded the hearing receives the request, he/she will make contact with the individual requesting the transcript. The reporter will provide an estimated cost of the transcript and an approximate completion date. 

Transcript Purchase Orders (TPO) and letters should be sent to the supervisor for each district. 

District of St. Thomas-St. John/St. Croix: Arlene Stephens-Donovan        

Financial arrangements for payment of the transcript cost must be made directly with the court reporter before the work on the transcript begins. Once the arrangements are made, the reporter will make every effort to prepare and deliver the transcript by the promised completion date.

Transcript Rates¹
Transcript Type  Original  First Copy per Each Party
Ea. Add’l Copy per Original Party 
 Ordinary Transcript  $3.65  $.90  $.60²
 Expedited Transcript

7-day delivery
14-day delivery



 Daily Transcript  $6.05  $1.20  $.90
 Hourly Transcript  $7.25  $1.20  $.90

Transcript rates, per page, are as follows: 

1 The rates established herein are as adopted from the District Court of the Virgin Islands, 
order dated October 30,  2007.

2 Rates are per page.