Composition of the Marshal's Office 
Pursuant to Virgin Island’s Statute, the Office of the Virgin Islands  Marshal (OVIM) is comprised of the Chief Marshal, who administers the office subject to the supervision, control and direction of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  The Chief Justice shall appoint the Chief Marshal, two (2) Assistant Marshals - one in each judicial district, and such Deputy Marshals as the Chief Justice considers necessary, as well as an administrative staff to aid with the proper administration and performance of the duties and functions of the office. 

Judicial Protective Operations
In accordance with 4 V.I. Code Ann. §351, the Chief Marshal of the Office of the Virgin Islands Marshal, personally or through the Assistant Marshals or Deputy Marshals, attends the sessions of the Court to preserve order and decorum therein, which includes, but is not limited to protecting the Judicial Officers, court clerks and the general public.  In addition, in accordance with the 4 V.I. Code Ann. §82, the Marshal’s Office is authorized to execute all writs, process (i.e. warrants, summons, subpoenas, etc.), conduct auctions and Orders of the Supreme Court, Superior Court and Magistrate Court, and to perform such other duties incident to the Office of the Marshal which includes, but is not limited to, serving as Peace Officer(s) in the territory. 
The Office of the Virgin Islands Marshal (OVIM) is also authorized to conduct auctions of real and personal properties that have been attached to satisfy judgments entered by the Superior Court pursuant to 5 V.I. Code Ann. §471.